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Nan-fang College of Sun Yat-sen University Foreign teachers Recruitment Notice

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Nan-fang College of Sun Yat-sen University

Foreign teachers Recruitment Notice


Nan-fang College of Sun Yat-sen University established with approval of ministry of education,cooperation found in 2006 by Sun Yat-sen university and Canton Pearl River investment group,as a multidisciplinary full-time undergraduate institutions of higher learning.College is located in Conghua district of Guangzhou,where has been known as"the pearl on the tropic of cancer"and"urban paradise"and is also most famous for its hot spring,covers an area of Two-thirds of square kilometers,planning construction area of 460000 square meters.

The collegehave a reasonable,complementary advantages,characteristic of subject system,majors of management,economics,literature for the dominant position and the coordinated development professions are engineering,science,medicine,arts.Presentlythe college is equipped with 35 majors in 10 departments and the student population is 18000.

Education in nearly a decade,the college running level raised constantly and the social reputation increased gradually.It obtains"top ten independent colleges of Canton province","Canton private education outstanding contribution award","the most competitive colleges","independent institute outstanding brand in China"successively.

For the goal of being a first-class private university and according to the college development and the teaching requirements,college recruits professional talented from domestic and international to the courtyard


Teacher’s Recruitment

English Teacher

South(North)Korean Teacher



With native English or Korean speaker’s nationality and in good healthy,under the age of 55

With undergraduate degree or above(including undergraduate)and at least 2 years experience in teaching language

For the non education school diploma,you must obtain the National Teachers'qualification certificate from the location,the language teaching qualification certificate which was approved by Foreign Experts Bureau or TEFL certificate

Abidance by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

No criminal record,No delinquent conduct.

With the experience in native English speaker’s countries or Chinese universities will be preferred.



Responsible for daily language teaching,course design and related research.From 16 to 18 lessons per week.

English teacher asked to be able to teachBusiness English》、《Cross-cultural communicationor any other elective course that is suitable for our school students.


Compensation Package

Salary:The first employment period is usually one year.During the contract period,the annual salary of 120 thousand yuan and 25%monthly salary as international travel subsidies each year.After the end of each period,75%monthly salary as assessment bonus.

Public Benefit:Provide business insurance to teachers in accordance with the relevant provisions of the stateIncluding accident insurance,medical insurance,critical illness insurance.

Accommodation:Offer a free charge teacher’s department which have a bedroom and a hall and equipped with furniture,TV,air-conditioning,washing machine,refrigerator,microwave,electric water heater and so on.

Treatment of special talent can be negotiated separately.All treatments with specific contract shall prevail.


Surrounding environment facilities

Traffic:Between the urban area of Guangzhou and Conghua,we have city bus for daily round-trip.The college is located in 105 National Highway,more than 30 kilometers away from the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Environment:The college is located in the town of hot springs,here is the famous scenic spot and a health resort,with the hot spring tourist resort and the provincial nature reserve.The town renowned radon hot springs in the world,known as"the first spring of the world",it is also rich in high-quality litchi,longan,pitayafruit,etc.

Sports facilities:College sports facilities are varied,it has two gymnasiums,two track and field,as well as a gym,volleyball court,basketball courts,tennis court,swimming pool and other sports facilities.


Necessary information:

If you are interested in applying for this position,please provide your resume and related documents,including:


2.Passport copy(copy information page);

3.Bachelor degree or above certificate copy;

4.Physical examination report;

5.Copies of foreign expert certificate and residence permit(residence permit in mainland China);

6.Teachers who have been teaching in China,please provide a letter of introduction from the present school.


Contact Information

University Website:http://www.nfu.edu.cn/,you can inquire about the relevant recruitment information though the website.

Address:personnel organization department,Nan-fang College of Sun Yat-sen University,Conghua district,Guangzhou

Zip code:510970

Contact Number:020-61787998

Contact person:teacher Wong